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Find out more about Matt Hussey, an award-winning portrait photographer based in London
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Learn more about Matt

Matt Hussey is an award-winning portrait and commercial photographer based in London. In August 2016, he was awarded best portrait on the Portrait Photo Awards website. He specialises in portrait and commercial photography. He has shot campaigns for Uber, Absolut, Magnum Ice Creams and Nestlé.

His work has been featured on The Daily Mail, Metro, Huffington Post and more. Matt’s portrait style focuses on the use of light and dark to create a sense of empathy between viewer and subject. He has spent years as a journalist and began studying to be a psychodynamic counsellor, giving him a unique insight into working with subjects to reveal a vulnerability that others may not see.

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Matt can bring his portable studio anywhere you are. He travels extremely light, but can create three-light setups with light modifiers and softboxes with ease in tight spaces.



Matt has helped brands develop simple, clean imagery to help them stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. If you’re looking to launch a campaign, overhaul your brand or just create some awesome imagery, get in touch.



Matt also works with awesome publishers to create images of celebrities, sports stars and even electric cars. He can create a wide range of looks and feels with a minimum of fuss and can travel with 24 hours notice.