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Project Portrait: Day 53

Day 53 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Tun Shwe. Tun works with Victor Szilagyi and Leigh helping companies to think more like startups. I’m starting to run out of spaces at The Hatch so what better excuse to experiment with what’s in the surrounding area to where I work. Heneage Street looks really moody on a night time with its cobble stones and single street light. I wanted to try and capture Tun in the elements as he told me he was a massive surfing fan and the wind was nice and blustery on this night. And, annoyingly there wasn’t a beach and an ocean close to hand.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 16.13.35

Project Portrait: Day 52

Day 52 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Imran, who works with Ellie Mann at The Hatch. Imran is a designer who also, as it turns out, has a special skill for drawing animals. When I asked him if I could take his picture he was working on the sketches you see here. I wanted to incorporate them into the picture some how, and the easiest way was to set up the photo as if you’re peering over his shoulder, in much the same way I did when I first saw them.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 16.11.37

Project Portrait: Day 51

Day 51 of Project Portrait. It’s Thursday, which of course, means it’s time for a‪#‎tbt‬. This time we’re in Los Angeles. Well, Santa Monica to be precise. This photo was taken in the legendary Cove Skatepark. I was in the city covering an e-sports (kids playing computer games for money) and just needed some time not staring at screens in a darkened room. I went down to Santa Monica and I got chatting to the guy in the photo. His name was Niko. I said I was a journalist looking for an excuse to not work. I also mentioned I’d done a bit of photography and he said, “well I’ve not got any images of me skateboarding, so now you’ve got an excuse.” So I spent the afternoon trying to capture something that I felt did him justice. This is the result.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 16.09.29

Project Portrait: Day 50

Day 50 of Project Portrait! Woo! I can’t quite believe I’ve taken 50 portraits, it’s all been a bit of a blur. But I’m still enjoying it so here’s to the next 50! Next up is Leigh Middleton, a colleague of Victor Szilagyi. The two work at, yep, you guessed it, The Hatch. Leigh was sat outside in the little garden area and I loved the lighting and blue hues that seemed to be filling this space. While I always try to bring some kind of concept or visual cue to my pictures – something I recently found out was originally called environmental portraiture – sometimes it’s really satisfying to just see a space that I like and capture someone in it. This was one of those days.