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Project Portrait: Day 24

Day 24 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Stephanie Pochet. Over the last few weeks I’ve tried to add something conceptual to each of my photos to convey a sense of who that person is. With Steph, who has been one of my closest friends for a number of years I had all these ideas about pictures of her surrounded by film as she’s a director and film-maker. However, when looking through all the photos, this one just jumped out at me. It’s just her, against a white wall being lit by an old movie light she bought me in the studio we used to share. It’s very simple, but for me I think it gently gives a sense of who I think Steph is, a great friend who has helped me through some really difficult times (and hopefully vice versa). No embellishment, no concept, just someone I hold very dear to me. This was shot in Dalston.

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Project Portrait: Day 23

Day 23 of Project Portrait. Next up we have my first group photo. This is Little Fists – I got the chance to shoot these guys in Camden thanks to Vanessa Govinden who is in the centre of this photo. We were originally going to shoot something in the ice-cream shop that Stephen Lyons and Vanessa works in, but I loved the flags over the top of the market and how the lighting brought them out of the dark night sky. Whenever there’s a camera Vanessa insists on pulling faces, but strangely this one seemed to work perfectly in the setting. These guys were a lot of fun to shoot, and I can’t wait to see them play live!

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Project Portrait: Day 22

Day 22 of Project Portrait. Next up with have Jonathan Crocker the editorial director at Human After All, a creative agency. I’ve known JC on and off for years, since we used to occasionally write for ShortList Magazine. Jonathan is one of those people who manages to look after himself despite the long hours, the free booze and late nights working as a freelancer, so I wanted to try and capture that in this photo. I had an image of him standing in a crowd, just zoning out. But then he started to giggle, and well, that went out of the window. What came out instead was a portrait of someone who seemed to have found a moment in his life where he genuinely felt happy. This was shot on Whitecross Street, near the Barbican.

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Project Portrait: Day 21

Day 21 of Project Portrait. On this sunny Sunday we have Matthew Elworthy, who I work with at The Next Web, and we share a studio together at The Hatch London. I met Matt in Amsterdam at The Next Web’s annual conference earlier this year and we hit it off. When he does show up at the office I always wanted to try and capture him along this alleyway near our studio as it’s just crammed full of beautiful graffiti.