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Matt Hussey, an award-winning London based photographer explores London through a 365-post portrait series.
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Project Portrait: Day 105

Today we have Sophie, another very lovely model that came and helped out with Nana Wereko-Brobby’s photoshoot. So for this photo I learned that Sophie – when not consulting for big companies like Network Rail, she actually takes part in beauty pageants – which I had no idea were still a thing. But they are, and she won Miss London last year. So for this photo I wanted to try and create something that you might see in one of these contests. The soft glows, the pastel colours and all that jazz. I am the first to admit my own prejudices and ignorance when it comes to what happens during these events. But Sophie reassures me everyone is actually pretty chilled out. This photo and the style is by no means a style I found easy to re-create – I prefer shadows and contrast for my pictures. The result is something you might find on a Britney Spears album cover from the mid ninetie

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