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Matt Hussey, an award-winning London based photographer explores London through a 365-post portrait series.
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Project Portrait: Day 106

Next up we have Syirin – another model who kindly came along to help out with the photo shoot I did for Nana Wereko-Brobby. Again, this was a challenge to get to know Syirin in the little time we had. But what I did find out – she was from Malaysia, she runs a coffee shop off Broadway Market, she’s married – and the subject that seemed to interest us both was seeing old school friends and what school was like for both of us. I didn’t find school all that great, where as Syirin found school amazing – she was successful, popular and a straight-A student. That got me thinking about how school influences us long after we’ve left. For me school left me low in confidence and unsure about what I was supposed to do with my life. With Syirin, I imagine, it was the opposite. But afterwards things for me certainly changed – and the impression I got about Syirin, they changed too. Now I have no idea what happened from school to the point I took this photo, but I saw something when I looked at her through my lens when we spoke about school and afterwards, that lead me to choose this.

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