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Project Portrait: Day 11

Day 11 of Project Portrait. It’s Thursday, which means it’s #tbt! This week I’ve dug out a photo of my 83-year-old grandfather. I shot this in Newbury about three years ago. My grandfather has had a rich and varied life. He served in Malaysia during the little talked about conflict in the 1950s, was a docker, a builder and gave it all up to care for my grandmother when she had a stroke in the 80s. My grandmother died suddenly not to long after this photo was taken. There were some dark moments, but since then he’s rebuilt his life, started again, in his 80s. He’s ‘courting’ (his word, not mine) again, and at my last count, he had three on the go. If I look anything like he does in his 80s, I’ll be very lucky.

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