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Matt Hussey, an award-winning London based photographer explores London through a 365-post portrait series.
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Project Portrait: Day 116

Day 115 of project portrait. Next up we have someone who has already been in this series before – my sister Francesca. But the last time I shot her, it was outside and it was a headshot for the work that she does. This image below was shot for a competition I’m entering. Portrait of Britain (http://www.portraitofbritain.uk) is a photography competition asking people to submit portraits that they feel sum up what Britain is today. I felt my sister’s story, and that of her two girls perfectly encapsulated this idea. She was born a Christian but has since converted to Islam. She was a high school drop out. She was a teenage mum. She’s a single mother. She’s had some pretty dark moments along the way. But in spite of that, she has come out the other end this incredibly strong, peaceful, and above all happy individual. I’m incredibly proud to call her my sister. This image was an ode to the journey she’s been on, but also, how despite the trends you see in the news (people quitting school, girls getting pregnant in their teenage years, the rise of Islam and Islamophobia) the people these stories are about are not failures as some would like to portray them. They are just people at one particular stage in their own journey and shouldn’t be written off because of that. My sister is an incredible woman and I hope this picture goes some way to showing that.

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