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Matt Hussey, an award-winning London based photographer explores London through a 365-post portrait series.
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Project Portrait: Day 117

Day 116 of project portrait. Next up we have a very dear friend of mine, Gill, who is a screen printer and artist. We actually met while we were both training to be psychotherapists. She was the first person I sat next to and we formed a very close friendship during some of the emotional gymnastics we had to perform in order to be able to handle listening to others. Gill was going through a particularly nasty divorce during our training and we formed a bond over my experiences watching my parents do the same. We’ve continued to be friends ever since and she very kindly came to sit for me and help kick start this photo project that I’ve got so much from. While Gill has come through that dark period of her life, and she’s a very happy, smiley and engaging person, this photo jumped out at me because it captured the emotional scars that are left when you go through something as traumatic as a divorce. That’s not to say you never recover from something like that, but it does leave its mark, and I felt this picture leant itself to that idea. It’s a very quiet, still image, that manages to speak volumes. For me at least.

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