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Matt Hussey, an award-winning London based photographer explores London through a 365-post portrait series.
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Project Portrait: Day 118

Next up we have Nick Duxbury – a journalist currently working at Inside Housing. He was in my journalism class way back when in 2006, when we were all hopeful about the awesome jobs we were all going to get – and then the 2008 financial collapse happened. Since then he’s managed to stay in this super turbulent industry of ours, but has still found it a struggle. We probably haven’t seen each other since we graduated, but it was amazing to hear how we’d both had similar stories – Nick also tried to break out of journalism and start his own company, we’ve both worked for absolute peanuts as freelancers, we’ve both felt the pull of regular, stable work as opposed to the swashbuckling irregularity of freelancing. Still, it was amazing to spend an afternoon catching up on a gorgeous afternoon in Canary Wharf. For this photo I wanted to try and capture Nick in an environment that he’s been working in for six years (Canary Wharf) but without it being too dominant, as I know Nick’s really a country boy at heart.

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