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Project Portrait: Day 125

Next up we have the last of my mini-series on Kathleen Patricia Keefe and Derek Keefe. So we had the two of them individually before and this last one is of them as a couple – and I guess you could say it’s a culmination of the thoughts and feelings I’ve had about them. This picture is another homage to Frida Kahlo, in particular, a photograph of her and Diego Riviera, her husband and also an artist. In those pictures, it was usually Diego standing and Frida sitting. But I wanted to swap the two around as that felt overly patriarchal for this portrait. Kathleen cares for Derek full time and is his aural guide through life. So it made more sense to have her standing. I also wanted to bring in some of that symbolism I mentioned Kahlo loved to put in, this time with flowers. On the table are a bunch of gladioli. In painting the presence of these symbolize strength and moral integrity, and the giver of them is supposed to pierce the recipient’s heart with passion. Despite having only spent half an hour with the pair, I could say, wholeheartedly that they have strength and moral integrity in spades. This week they’re currently celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary together and appear to be just as much in love as I imagine they were when they first met. If this photo manages to convey even a 10th of that idea, I’d be a very happy man. Happy Anniversary you two.

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