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Project Portrait: Day 131

This one is a long one so prepare yourself ;)Next up we have the awesome Sadaqat Ali. I met Sadaqat while I was attempting to be a startup founder a few years back. I managed to accelerate away all my money and ended up being rather unceremoniously spat out the other end of startup life. Where as Sadaqat kept going. Sadaqat was born deaf – the only member of his family to be so. He grew up in a part of Birmingham that on the one side was affluent and leafy, but on the other, was part of the grittier inner city. He saw friends being sucked into the darker side of life but because he physically couldn’t hear the temptations coming from that side of the tracks, he steered clear. Despite finding school boring, he managed to escape to college where he discovered a love of learning. So much so that Sadaqat now has three degrees under his belt. While others went into social work, Sadaqat started launching businesses. All of which help people, be they deaf or not, gain access to services or facilities to help them better themselves. Oh and he’s married to the lovely Saduf Naqvi and has two children. Which is what lead to this portrait. Sadaqat said something amazing to me while we were working together. “The biggest thing I have learnt so far about my experience is that my deafness has not only protected me from harm but has given me a different lens with which I use to see the world and the opportunities it has within it.” So for this picture I asked him to take his hearing aids out and put them on the table. So they weren’t hidden. I want people to see Sadaqat’s secret to being an enormously successful entrepreneur. Something others would class as a disadvantage. I also wanted to show the strength and a stillness I felt while sitting in front of Sadaqat. I hope that comes across.

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