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Project Portrait: Day 134

Next up we have the lovely Penelope Laura Downes and two of her fabulous children. These two were the most fun to shoot by a very long way, as you can probably tell. I was originally planning to only capture Penny but when I saw these two I thought this could be fun. The young man on the right turned up in full spiderman and refused to show me his face. But after a bit of cajoling from his big sister, he came out to play. I haven’t had much experience shooting children, and I realised that there’s probably about a four-minute window in which they’re willing to sit still and look at the camera. About 30 seconds after this, they were all on the floor and all I could capture was legs. So in that, these two taught me a lot: don’t faff around, move quickly, and above all, don’t take yourself too seriously. So thank you Penny for letting your kids teach me a valuable lesson.

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