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Project Portrait: Day 31

Day 31, a whole month! I can’t quite believe I got here and haven’t died or given up. As it’s a bit of a milestone I wanted to share something personal. This is my mother. It was the last photo I ever took of her about four years ago, while we were still talking. She asked me to take a picture of her so she could use it on an ID card. She was teaching people how to become counsellors at the time. This was actually one of the outtakes, but I found it while rummaging through some of my old photos. It was taken really quickly and it wasn’t on my radar at the time, but this is the only photo I have of my mum smiling. So over the years this picture has grown in significance for me. The reason we don’t speak is long and convoluted and if you really want to know buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you. But, taking pictures of you all has brought up a lot of emotions, which I’m thrilled to have been able to share with you, and hope to keep doing so over the next 330 days.

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