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Project Portrait: Day 47

Day 47 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Laïla von Alvensleben. Laila works for Hannoalong with Matthew Lenzi. They help build digital products for companies doing good things. Laila has been traveling all over south-east Asia for the past few months and has only just got back to the UK. Naturally, the weather is a wee bit different here so I wanted to try and capture the idea of adjusting to a colder climate. Outside our co-working space The Hatch there are all these lovely trees with lovely leaves, so I wanted to depict that most British of things, a wet and windy Autumn day. Sadly it wasn’t as windy as I’d liked, so a special shout out to Mr Lenzi for supplying the leaves (you can see his arm to the right of shot). I thought about editing Matt’s arm out, but for some reason I wanted to show that not all photos come as naturally as they might appear.

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