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Project Portrait: Day 49

Day 49 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Victor Szilagyi, yet another member of The Hatch – you can start to see a theme here ;). Victor works on helping large companies think, develop and iterate on ideas like startups do. He’s also a great person to speak to about what happens in America on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. For this shoot whenever I saw Victor around the office he always seemed to be sitting in this pose. So much so, that this picture was the first I actually shot of Victor and it came out perfect. I’ve also been looking at a lot of film still from the 1950s to see how they light their subjects and a one Alfred Hitchcock came up time and time again. I hope it does him, and Victor justice. I have to add, despite the imposing stance, Victor always comes into The Hatch with a smile on his face.

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