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Project Portrait: Day 51

Day 51 of Project Portrait. It’s Thursday, which of course, means it’s time for a‪#‎tbt‬. This time we’re in Los Angeles. Well, Santa Monica to be precise. This photo was taken in the legendary Cove Skatepark. I was in the city covering an e-sports (kids playing computer games for money) and just needed some time not staring at screens in a darkened room. I went down to Santa Monica and I got chatting to the guy in the photo. His name was Niko. I said I was a journalist looking for an excuse to not work. I also mentioned I’d done a bit of photography and he said, “well I’ve not got any images of me skateboarding, so now you’ve got an excuse.” So I spent the afternoon trying to capture something that I felt did him justice. This is the result.

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