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Project Portrait: Day 56

Day 56 of Project Portrait. This week has been a real struggle to get my camera out. I was meant to be in New York but after Paris transport in London has been in absolute chaos. I was looking forward to capturing a large chunk of people from The Next Web of whom I only get to see once a year. But nay bother. The project must go on. Today I wanted to grab another family shot from the archives and this time its my niece, Zahra. This shot was captured just after she’d done something deeply mischievous. From memory, I think it was the moment she threw my shoes in the paddling pool after I refused to get in fully clothed. My niece has always been fiercely independent, and when you first meet her she often ignores you. But, if you stick around, and prove you’re not just another fleeting stranger in her life, she totally melts, as I think this picture shows.

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