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Project Portrait: Day 63

Day 63 of Project Portrait. This one is a week over due thanks to West Africa not being built for uploading images from a laptop to Facebook. Separate apology for not replying to people while I’ve been away. I haven’t forgotten! So this one is probably going to be the most significant of the lot. On Thursday last week I asked my best friend to marry me. It was sunset, we were on a beach in Gambia and we were about four cocktails deep – never ever try a pina colada, they are just bloody awful. We were both pretty spaced out on anti-malarial tablets – thanks medicine! – but it still turned out just the way I hoped. This was about three minutes after I popped the question when Emily finally stopped saying, “are you real?” We are both immensely happy and I’m the luckiest man alive to be able to call Emily Mags my fiancé. She’s brilliant in every single way.

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