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Project Portrait: Day 65

Day 65 of Project Portrait. Another Gambian shot. This time it was on the way to Barra market from the ferry across the Gambian river. There are a number of preconceived ideas we have about people’s lives in Africa. Images of women day laden with food, water and children is definitely one of them. It’s nearly a cliche. But when I saw this child looking up at me, it just struck me as a beautiful moment that needed to be captured. I was struggling with the idea of posting this as a portrait. Was it consensual, would his mother have approved? It’s debatable. But I’ve been starting to learn more about photography in greater detail and a portrait isn’t necessarily about an agreement between sitter and photographer to portray the former in the best light. It can be used to explore wider ideas about humanity and the world we live in. I think this photo fits in with that description and that’s why it’s my day 65.

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