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Project Portrait: Day 66

Day 66 of Project Portrait. Another shot from my Gambia series. This is Stefan. Stefan ran a small fish restaurant on the beach where I was staying. I met him one day while trying to capture a shot of a man walking alone down the beach (I’ll get that one up later today). While Stefan initially was trying to lure me in to having lunch with him he actually taught me a lot about Gambia and its tourist industry. A lot of the hotels are foreign owned (the one I stayed in included) and as such the money that they make never stays inside the country. Those same hotels also work very hard to create experiences where tourists never have to leave meaning any of the trickle down effects these establishments normally provide are all but halted. So I was pleased that I’d accidentally broken out of that business model through my photography. While many feel hassled when they walk around places like Gambia it’s actually a vital part of the informal tourist economy that keeps many small businesses going.

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