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Project Portrait: Day 71

Day 71 of Project Portrait. Still managing to find more gems from Gambia. This one was taken while at the fish market in Bakau. They smoke a huge amount of fish there as refrigeration is still an expensive luxury for many. I never caught this man’s name and while it looks fairly clear in this image, the room was full of acrid wood smoke which burns your eyes and makes it incredibly difficult to breath. This guy seemed completely unfazed by it. One of the big themes I learned from my time in Gambia is how labour intensive the vast majority of work was. Bakau itself, while being the country’s biggest fishing port doesn’t actually have any docks to unload ships. Instead, giant rowing boats are hand carved on the beach, launched on logs and when they return, they’re driven up the beach and unloaded by hand. Middlemen grab handfulls of fish, drop them into buckets and then run up the beach to sell them to clients and families who have pre-ordered. It was fascinating but a stark reminder of the contrast between the division of labour in post-industrialised nations and pre-industrialised ones. Gambia’s economy is still dominated by subsistence farming and has yet to establish any kind of heavy industry.

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