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Project Portrait: Day 72

Day 71 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Victoria Anne Bull, a fellow alumni of the Magazine Journalism Masters at City. Victoria got in touch after following these photos over the last few months. We hadn’t seen each other since we both graduated in 2007 so I was really curious to see what she’d been upto over the years. As it turns out, she’s had the same struggles with journalism that I’ve had, and has tried multiple times to find a different career path. But, like me, she always found herself being pulled back in. We’d both changed a lot since we were students and we spent a good hour talking about those changes. I also have to add that Victoria hates having her picture taken so I applaud her bravery in coming down to see me. Jess Holland was another unwilling subject but I think that came out quite nicely wink emoticon. I spent a good 90 minutes shooting Victoria – I never normally spend that long – as I wanted her to get used to the idea of having her photo taken. We had a few false starts, but when she did relax she had this fantastic smile which just lights up her entire face. When I saw this photo in the edit it immediately jumped out at me.

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