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Project Portrait: Day 77

Next up we have Dikson Slamajamjar – a poet and comedian from Zimbabwe. I met Dikson this week at The Hatch. We got talking and it turns out Dikson produces a comedy show about Zimbabwe, filmed and shot in Zimbabwe. I was absolutely fascinated by this. From my limited knowledge, Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe is notoriously opposed to any kind of press freedom or dissent – not even the BBC can report from the country. So the idea that Dikson and his colleagues can produce a show that lampoons Zimbabwe and its political overlords is a brave stand against the tyranny that has gripped the country for way too long. For the photo I wanted to lean on the rich photographic history documenting struggle across the world. This incredible photo from Eddie Adams shot during the Vietnam war immediately came to mind. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Adams_(photographer)…) I tried to play with that idea slightly by using a toy gun instead of a real one to highlight Dikson’s comedic mission while still reminding the viewer of the potential for danger.

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