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Project Portrait: Day 78

Day 78 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Aimee-mae Edwards – who works with Nana Wereko-Brobby at Social Concierge to help find new clients and promote the brand. She’s also trying to get into the presenting business. What I found interesting about Aimee is that despite the outwardly confident career choices she was making, there was a shyness that seemed to come out when I looked at her through the lens. In fact, the more pictures I took, the more I saw it. So for this photo I wanted to take the idea of Aimee being in the spotlight literally – so I created a halo effect coming from above. But in choosing to be in front of camera, we cannot control how much or how little of the person within is seen by others. It sounds cryptic but hopefully you can see it too.

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