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Project Portrait: Day 79

Day 79 of Project Portrait. I’ve been a bit tardy as of late and I apologise for that. But, while I’ve got you, I thought I’d present you with Amisha Ghadiali. Me and Amisha used to work together at Provenance a few years back. Amisha got in touch with me after my plea for help and it turns out she works regularly two streets away from my studio. Small world eh? While me and Amisha were #teamnosleep while trying to build the startup we both worked at, Amisha has turned a corner, choosing to become a yoga teacher and spiritual healer. Say what you will about being spiritual, but the difference in the Amisha I knew a few years ago and the one I met on the street off Brick Lane last week was a world away. She just oozed happiness. We walked around the block and I saw this beautiful piece of graffiti with the word ‘Alive’ scrawled across the top. As soon as Amisha stopped the photo instantly came together for me. It also helps to have a lovely smile, which she does.

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