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Project Portrait: Day 90

Day 90 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Leo Bassam – Leo is a front-end developer working on three different companies at the same time. He came down from Stoke-on-Trent for the day and very kindly came by my studio to sit for this picture. This picture kind of represents the next chapter in this project. Leo was the first person I’ve shot using a set of strobe lights I recently bought. So far I’ve been learning how to use sunlight and the lights that I can find wherever I’m shooting. It’s been amazing to do that, and to really push the camera and my ability to find ways of using what I have. But recently I decided to take the plunge and learn how to control light – to become better at creating photos with different looks and feels. So here’s day 1 of that attempt. Leo was also starting a new chapter with all the companies he works on and for, plus it was the new year so it all fitted in nicely. It’s a simple photo, lighting Leo from the front and then adding a gentle purple light on the wall behind. I can’t wait to learn how to light properly. Watch this space.

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