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Project Portrait: Day 93

Day 93 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Lucy Fisher – a mum of three, a journalist and a PR whizz to boot. Lucy is one of the first people I have photographed who saw my work through a friend of a friend and got in touch. Apparently it was the blurbs that did it. So here’s my attempt at a blurb about Lucy. I’ve been working on a new series of photos – not quite as idiotically long as Project Portrait – that attempts to cast mothers in a different light. We all have our preconceptions about what a mum would wear, how they would look etc. but I wanted to create a series that took mums out of that context and tried to say something different. I wanted to create something almost painterly. To elevate them to a level that a classical painter would have seen as a worth subject. This is my first in that series. Having only spoken to Lucy for an hour while I built the set and lighting it was abundantly clear that her life is about thousand times more complex and stressful than mine. Juggling a career, a family, a new home, a marriage and an extended family is no mean feat. We also had a chance to talk a bit about our childhoods and the idea for this picture just presented itself to me. I wanted to create something peaceful that Lucy could just be in. Like a bubble I guess. This is the result. I’m really pleased with the result and it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with someone who manages to combine so many different facets of a life and make it look easy. So Lucy, this is my homage to you. Hope you like it. If there are any mums out there that are interested in being part of this project, get in touch.

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