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Project Portrait: Day 98

Day 97 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Adam Reed – an old school mate of mine. We used to do IT together – or not in my case. I much preferred using Microsoft Paint to draw pictures of my teachers, terribly. Adam got in touch with me after my last shout out for people to help with my project. He very gracefully came down to my studio and sat for me. Adam trained as a designer and now works for John Lewis. With this picture I wanted to try and create something that was completely ageless – no giveaways with colour or props to suggest this was taken in a specific time or place. This project has allowed me to reconnect with people I haven’t seen, in some cases for 20 years. So I wanted this picture to feel a bit like a memory in that it’s not particularly grounded in a space or location, but rather an image that lives in our heads and nowhere else. I remember Adam but my memory isn’t about something specific. I just remember him being part of my life while at secondary school. This photo is an attempt at trying to capture that idea.

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