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Project Portrait: Day 99

Day 97 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Chris Warner – Chris recently set up his own education company. I actually met him through Robert Delamere as the two used to work together on Digital Theatre. I wanted to shoot Chris outside as it’s something I don’t know do great deal of and I wanted to try and incorporate flash to add some shadows on this weirdly lovely sunny day in London. I also wanted to learn how to gently nudge colours so that they become complimentary and make the image feel a bit more harmonious. Chris was going through a lot of the challenges I had when starting my own company so it was good to share some of those startup stories. But since the last time I saw him, he’d moved away from the mania of Dalston and the parties to a leafy suburb. I I kind of wanted to create something to reflect that: to be quietly in balance. Not that I’m saying Chris has become a Buddhist – or that he was a party animal. But just that he seemed to have found a sense of calm. Sorry Chris if this a bit waffly wink emoticon Really enjoyed capturing this one.

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