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Sam and daughter

Taken from my Project Portrait series.

They were another brave pair who put their names forward to come and sit for me. The original plan was to shoot just Sam but he asked if it was ok to bring Marlie with him. She was a bit shy and looked a bored while I was setting up my lighting to shoot Sam. So I asked if we could do something together.

Marlie really liked climbing so I found the only thing she could climb on, her dad. She was a bit reluctant at first but soon relaxed into the idea of having her dad as a climbing frame and this wonderful image presented itself. It’s been a huge joy to have people take time out of their lives to come and sit for me, and it’s even more of a pleasure when I get the chance to share work that I think has so much joy in it.

I’ll be posting my portrait of Sam later in the week but wanted to share this one first. If you’d like to be part of the series, please do get in touch.


September 4, 2016



project portrait