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Project Portrait: Day 30

Day 30 of Project Portrait. Better late than never, eh? This is the lovely Merilin Lilium who works at The Next Web. Merilin works on the marketing team at the company. I met her at The Next Web’s conference held in March every year. Every time I’m in Amsterdam Merilin always finds me somewhere to sit, which is normally someone else’s place who then has to find somewhere else to work for the day. Needless to say Merilin is enormously popular. This was shot at The Next Web’s HQ, and I’ve always wanted to shoot in a window and use natural light, for which this office has loads.

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Project Portrait: Day 29

Day 29 of Project Portrait. Next up we have James Maguire, Emily Mags’ brother. The three of us all live together in Mile End, where we have recently moved. James works for DoCoMo, a Japanese telecoms company in the city. I thought about where and how I would shoot James, and we were walking around Tower Hamlets cemetery looking for a quiet spot. I looked behind me and saw this amazing setting sun. The lamppost above provided the light.

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Project Portrait: Day 28

Day 28 of Project Portrait. Next up we have the incredible Nana. She is Emily Mags 90-year-old grandmother. It was her birthday this weekend and so I wanted to grab something that I felt shed some light on her amazing character. This was taken at one of her children’s homes in north London. Shooting Nana was an absolute blast. She was funny, kind, oh and a massive flirt. She would compliment me on my teeth, a lot, and ask for a kiss. But she also had a wicked sense of humour. While putting this photograph together, she leant over and said, “Emily is kissing another man”. I turned round to see Emily talking to her dad, and she burst out laughing. “You went green!” she chuckled. She has an incredible memory for poetry and would reel off verses at whim. She could even remember the lines she had at a school play she performed in when 6-years-old. If my memory was as even half sharp as hers, and my sense-of-humour still intact by the time I reached her age. I would be a very happy man. Thank you, Nana.

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Project Portrait: Day 27

Day 27 of Project Portrait. Next up is my good friend Jennifer Bradly. Another former ShortList Magazine alumni, we worked together on the magazine for just under two years before Jen went on to pastures greener at GQ magazine, where she is a sub-editor (someone who quietly ensures the writing of people like me is actually readable) and writer. I’ll be the first to admit, we didn’t get on all that well when we worked together, but outside of the job our friendship has been rock solid for years. This portrait was shot inside Conde Nast’s international magazine shop in Mayfair. I wanted to capture an aspect of Jen’s personality that I always enjoy being around. She has this amazingly strong sense of self which I deeply admire (I hope she sees as a compliment! ;))

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Project Portrait: Day 26

Day 26 of Project Portrait. This one is a bit of a treat for me. I was invited over to Leica Camera in Mayfair to have a play around with their latest camera, a £10,000 beast that can shoot cinema grade film. But I haven’t the foggiest idea how to shoot anything worthy of a camera that good. So it was lucky the still image capture was still pretty awesome. The team (thanks Jenny Hodge) even had a model on hand so I could grab a portrait for you lovely lot to look at. This is Haneke, she’s from Stockholm and is a student studying business and economics in her home town. She taught me loads about how Swedish people always watch Donald Duck (it’s like the equivalent of the Queen’s Speech so I’m told) and January in Sweden feels like an eternity. She was also a lot of fun to shoot.

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Project Portrait: Day 25

Day 25 of Project Portrait. Another Thursday, another ‪#‎tbt‬. This time it’s my dad. This photo was taken on an old Nikon F 35mm film camera in 2012. I love how gentle the colours are, and the grain that the film produces. This was taken on the Bournemouth beach front. We were eating fish and chips. Me and my dad used to regularly head down to the south coast, and he’d always suggest things like, “let’s cycle to Bath to see your uncle” (a 65-mile trip) or “let’s walk to the end of this beach” with no real idea how far or how long that’s going to take. I think I captured this shot during one of my, “are you bloody kidding me?” moments. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I don’t appreciate my dad nearly enough or as often as I should. He always just got on with things, and never moaned, complained or asked for anything. So I’m very proud to post this picture today. Dad, you’re awesome.

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Project Portrait: Day 24

Day 24 of Project Portrait. Next up we have Stephanie Pochet. Over the last few weeks I’ve tried to add something conceptual to each of my photos to convey a sense of who that person is. With Steph, who has been one of my closest friends for a number of years I had all these ideas about pictures of her surrounded by film as she’s a director and film-maker. However, when looking through all the photos, this one just jumped out at me. It’s just her, against a white wall being lit by an old movie light she bought me in the studio we used to share. It’s very simple, but for me I think it gently gives a sense of who I think Steph is, a great friend who has helped me through some really difficult times (and hopefully vice versa). No embellishment, no concept, just someone I hold very dear to me. This was shot in Dalston.

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Project Portrait: Day 23

Day 23 of Project Portrait. Next up we have my first group photo. This is Little Fists – I got the chance to shoot these guys in Camden thanks to Vanessa Govinden who is in the centre of this photo. We were originally going to shoot something in the ice-cream shop that Stephen Lyons and Vanessa works in, but I loved the flags over the top of the market and how the lighting brought them out of the dark night sky. Whenever there’s a camera Vanessa insists on pulling faces, but strangely this one seemed to work perfectly in the setting. These guys were a lot of fun to shoot, and I can’t wait to see them play live!

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Project Portrait: Day 22

Day 22 of Project Portrait. Next up with have Jonathan Crocker the editorial director at Human After All, a creative agency. I’ve known JC on and off for years, since we used to occasionally write for ShortList Magazine. Jonathan is one of those people who manages to look after himself despite the long hours, the free booze and late nights working as a freelancer, so I wanted to try and capture that in this photo. I had an image of him standing in a crowd, just zoning out. But then he started to giggle, and well, that went out of the window. What came out instead was a portrait of someone who seemed to have found a moment in his life where he genuinely felt happy. This was shot on Whitecross Street, near the Barbican.

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Project Portrait: Day 21

Day 21 of Project Portrait. On this sunny Sunday we have Matthew Elworthy, who I work with at The Next Web, and we share a studio together at The Hatch London. I met Matt in Amsterdam at The Next Web’s annual conference earlier this year and we hit it off. When he does show up at the office I always wanted to try and capture him along this alleyway near our studio as it’s just crammed full of beautiful graffiti.