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Portrait Project: Day 10

Day 10 (double digits, wahoo!) this is Andrew James Dickens, he’s the head of special projects at ShortList Magazine. I’ve known Dickens for years, as we worked together on ShortList in my first proper job as a journalist. He’s a life long Arsenal fan, so I thought it’d be a good idea to sneak into the fancy apartments that now stand where Highbury Stadium once was. Behind him is where the pitch used to sit, and I asked Andrew to show me how he sat when he used to watch games there. Stressed and anxious in equal measure.

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Project Portrait: Day 9

Day 9 of Project Portrait. Next up is Turlough Fortune – a freelance designer and former flatmate. I first met Turlough in the hallway of a warehouse I used to share with 9 other people in 2012. All I got was a little more than a ‘heyyy’, but since then I’ve baked him a cake and spent many a morning doing burpees in Clissold Park. For this photo I wanted something graphical in the photo, with strong colours, hence the plant and orange and black circles coming out of his head.

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Project Portrait: Day 8

Day 8 of Project Portrait. The irascible Mic Wright. Mic’s a journalist and founder of The Malcontent – I met him in Amsterdam while we were both working for The Next Web. My first memory of him was at Schiphol airport and him shouting, “he’s an absolute pussy” very loudly. I never found out why.