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I’m an award-winning photographer!

So today I found out that I won a pretty big competition on the Portrait Photo Awards for my portrait of the lovely Jennifer Cole Fernandes. I’ve been taking pictures properly for less than a year now and it’s been a hugely challenging but rewarding experience. From shooting people ad-hoc in an office to working with the likes of Uber, Magnum and Absolut to winning my first award. I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s all gone. I want to thank everyone who has helped me, listened to me guided me and sat for me. All the travelling to people’s houses, helping out friends and spending all my spare time experimenting and learning (instead of seeing friends and family) is only possible because I have amazing people around me and supporting me. Special thanks to @emi1y_maguire for putting up with me @dateconcierge for finding people for me to shoot and @andrewibbotson for letting me turn his office into a makeshift studio. Thank you everyone. You can see my photo and other amazing photos at the following link.